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Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation

Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM) is an advanced form of soft tissue mobilization that utilizes sound assisted instruments to detect and treat scar tissue. This form of treatment originates from the 2000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine technique called Gua Sha which means to scrape toxins. In both, Gua Sha and SASTM the treatment involves the application of cream or oil to the body and then scraping the skin with a flat tool to promote blood circulation, remove toxic heat, blood, and lymph and to facilitate pain relief. 


With the SASTM method, therapists work beneath the level of skin to the fibrotic tissue with ergonomically designed and sound assisted instruments to locate and release adhesions and restrictions in the body with friction and pressure. Once released, special immune system cells flow to the treated area and begin to flush away cellular debris and begin the process of repair and restoration to normal function.

Adhesions and scar tissue can develop after surgery, immobilization or repeated strain. SASTM breaks down that scar tissue and allows your body to function normally again. SASTM is effective for a number of physical concerns:

  • Relief from tendonitis.

  • Recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Recovery from ankle strains/sprains.

  • Oxygenates tissues.

  • Detoxification of stagnant tissue.

  • Increased range of motion and pain relief from hamstring injuries.

  • Relief from hip and knee replacement dysfunction and pain.

  • Relief from shin splint pain.

​~ We are fully registered and licenced therapists who can bill treatments with all insurance companies and can direct bill for RCMP and Alberta Blue Cross carriers~

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