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Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) is believed to be particularly helpful in lengthening postural muscles, which are prone to shortening. Theoretically, the active contraction performed by the client against the resistance produced by the therapist is an isometric contraction and may therefore be helpful in strengthening muscles. Also, contraction of one muscle group decreases tone in the opposing muscle group, and MET may therefore be beneficial in helping to overcome cramping. MET is sometimes used with a pulsing motion (known as pulsed MET), which reduces localized edema. MET is therefore used in the following circumstances:

  • To stretch muscles, especially those considered to be postural rather than phasic

  • To strengthen muscles

  • To relax muscles, especially useful for treating cramping muscles

  • To help regain correct muscle function

  • To reduce localized edema

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